Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Outsiders

Chapter 12

1. What 'circumstances' do Ponyboy's teacher refer to? What circumstances does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to?

the "circumstances" that his teacher is talking about is everything that went on like the killing, running away, Johnny dying, Dally dying, being sick and away from school, and having to go to court. Those are also what Ponyboy thinks his teacher is referring too.

2. Why doesn't Ponyboy feel scared when the socs approach him and he threatens them with a broken bottle (p.170-171)? How is this a dramatic change from the Ponyboy we have seen up until this point?

Ponyboy dosnt feel scared of the Socs because he relizes that every soc is exactaly like him, not in looks or personality but they are both human and there is no difference between them, they both believe simalar things, so why be scared.

3. What does Darry mean when he says, "you don't just stop living because you lose someone" (p.173)?

Darry means when he sayes "you just dont stop living because you lose somthing." that when you lose somthing, that you cant replace and you love dosnt mean you lose yourself, yes you can feel bad but you still have a life to live but to no means that you should ever forget the one you lost or the thing you lost.

4. How do we know Sandy didn't love Soda as much as he loved her?

We know because he came home from work the one day upset. It was because the letter he sent to Sandy was returned and un-opened. Sandy also left after he had purposed to her. Also she didn't tell Soda she was leaving until the day the left.

5. Explain how Darry and Ponyboy play tug of war with Soda.

Darry and Ponyboy play tug and war with soda by when they got in a fightthey always made Soda choose a side and he felt that he didnt have a choise in anything, he also had his own problems.

6. What do we learn was so special about Johnny (p.178)?

What we leared that Johnny was so special because he was dying and all he cared about was others. ALso we learned that he would listen to you and not complain about how everyone talked about their problems when he had his own but never bother anyone and just listen to you and not complain.

7. What does Ponyboy end up doing for his English assignment?

In Ponyboys Essay he talks about how it was like to live like a greaser and a socs and the difference between them and that everone has ups and down. The essay was the book, everything you read was what he wrote in his essay.

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