Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Outsiders

Chapter 4:

ruefully: "He rubbed his side ruefully."
in a matter of showing sorrow or pity.

hermit: "So we'd have to be hermits for the rest of our lives, and never seen antone but Dally."
a person living in seclusion.

premonition: "What do you call it?Premonition? I flopped down on the floor-..."
a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over an event.

1. What does Pony mean when he says the socs were "reeling pickled" on page 54?

What Pony means by " the Socs were reeling pickled" is they looked drunk. WHich Scared Johnny and Pony.

2. What major event happens in this chapter?

The Major event that happens in this chapter is that Johnny Killed Bob, Cherrys boyfriend. They had come to the park to jump Johnny and Pony. One of the boys were drowning Ponyboy so Johnny stabed him, after that all the Socs left and so did Johnny and Pony.They knew the fuzz would be there soon. Pony and Johnny went to see Dally.The thought he would know where they could hid until it was safe. WHen it was Dally would come up and check on them.

3. How did the author foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife in Chapter 2?

The Author forshadowed that Johnny would use the knife in chapter 2 by telling us that since Johnny got jumped by the Socs in the Blue Mustang that he carryed a Knife where ever he went just incase they tryed to jump him again.

4. What would your advice be to Johhny and Ponyboy if they'd come to you for help instead of Dally? Explain.

If Johnny andPonyboy came to me not Dally i would tell them the same thing Dally would but I woudn't of told them to go to a church i would tell them to a ally and hid so that the fuzz couldnt find them if they checked there.


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