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The Outsiders

Chapter 12

1. What 'circumstances' do Ponyboy's teacher refer to? What circumstances does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to?

the "circumstances" that his teacher is talking about is everything that went on like the killing, running away, Johnny dying, Dally dying, being sick and away from school, and having to go to court. Those are also what Ponyboy thinks his teacher is referring too.

2. Why doesn't Ponyboy feel scared when the socs approach him and he threatens them with a broken bottle (p.170-171)? How is this a dramatic change from the Ponyboy we have seen up until this point?

Ponyboy dosnt feel scared of the Socs because he relizes that every soc is exactaly like him, not in looks or personality but they are both human and there is no difference between them, they both believe simalar things, so why be scared.

3. What does Darry mean when he says, "you don't just stop living because you lose someone" (p.173)?

Darry means when he sayes "you just dont stop living because you lose somthing." that when you lose somthing, that you cant replace and you love dosnt mean you lose yourself, yes you can feel bad but you still have a life to live but to no means that you should ever forget the one you lost or the thing you lost.

4. How do we know Sandy didn't love Soda as much as he loved her?

We know because he came home from work the one day upset. It was because the letter he sent to Sandy was returned and un-opened. Sandy also left after he had purposed to her. Also she didn't tell Soda she was leaving until the day the left.

5. Explain how Darry and Ponyboy play tug of war with Soda.

Darry and Ponyboy play tug and war with soda by when they got in a fightthey always made Soda choose a side and he felt that he didnt have a choise in anything, he also had his own problems.

6. What do we learn was so special about Johnny (p.178)?

What we leared that Johnny was so special because he was dying and all he cared about was others. ALso we learned that he would listen to you and not complain about how everyone talked about their problems when he had his own but never bother anyone and just listen to you and not complain.

7. What does Ponyboy end up doing for his English assignment?

In Ponyboys Essay he talks about how it was like to live like a greaser and a socs and the difference between them and that everone has ups and down. The essay was the book, everything you read was what he wrote in his essay.

THe Outsiders

Chapter 11

acquitted: "Then he said I was acquitted and the whole case was closed."
to express or show displeasure in a comment or event

1. Explain why Pony might rather have anyone's hate than their pity (p.162)?

Pony might have rather have anyones hate than their pity because he didnt want people to always say oh he's young he dosnt know any better, he knows better and he knows what he does so if it was against the law or to hurt someone he ment it and he dosnt want people to feel bad for him all the time.

2. What do you think is going on with Ponyboy when he says, "Johnny didn't have anyhing to do with Bob's getting killed" (p.166)?

I think Ponyboy said "Johnny didn't have anything to do with Bob's getting killed." because he wanted to believe that it wasn't his problem, and that Johnny didnt deserve for people to hate him and if thing would change and if he could believe to his lie he was telling himself.

The Outsiders

Chapter 10

indignantly : "Soda looked back at him indignantly."
In a manner of expressing strong displeasure at something thats considered unjust, offensive,or insulting,

1. How does Pony's dreaming, or lying to himself, finally work in this chapter?

Ponys Dreaming, or lying finally works in this Chapter by helping Pony relize that Johnny isn't dead, and that he will never be dead.

2. Why was Johnny's dying so difficult for Dally to handle?

Johnny Dying was difficult for Dally because Johnny was the only thing Dally ever loved., and now Johnny was gone.

3. Why do you think Dally would have wanted to die?

I think Dally would have wanted to die because it all he ever wanted. To be dead to be out on misery, to not have to get jumped and not have no were to sleep at night.

The Outsiders

Chapter 9

1. On the bottom of p.133, when Pony asks what kind of a world it is, what comment is he making about how society judges people?

He means that society is judging people on their family life, their friends, their looks and everything like that. They don't take the time to get to know your personality or what you're like before they judge you.

2. Why do the boys fight? Why is Pony different?

The boys fight because if the Greasers win the Socs have to leave them alone and stay out of their territory. If the Socs win they dont have to go anywhere and the Greasers have no territory.Pony is Different because he is the smallest and the youngest out of all the Gresers and the Socs.

3. What is the difference between Tim Sheppard's gang and Ponyboy's? Explain how Pony feels this difference might give his group the upper hand?

The difference was that his gang was more disicplined and hard-looking characters, they had a leader and were orginized Ponys gang was just a bunch of buddies that hung out.

4. What do you think Johnny's last words to Pony mean?

I think Johnnys last words to Pony "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold..." ment you should stay true to yourself. Also to not let anyone tell you who you are, and that you should never give up on yourself.

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The Outsiders

Chapter 8

1. How does what the doctor first says, on page 119, foreshadow Johnny's condition?

The Docter said "Let them go in" he said to the nurse "he has been asking for them, it can't hurt know" after he said that the guys relized Johnny was dieing after the tone the docter had in this voice.

2. "We needed Johnny as much as he needed the gang. And for the same reason" (p.121). What do you think Pony means, and what is the reason?

They couldnt get along without Johnny. Johnny was the gang without thim there would be no gang. Johnny held them together.

3. What does Pony mean on p. 123 when he says, "we could get along without anyone but Johnny"?

Pony means if it were anyone else but Johnny the gang would still be able to get along. He was what held them together. The only thing. Pony wouldnt get along with Steve or Two-Bit as much also Darry and Soda without Johnny.

4. If Darry didn't have Soda and Pony, why would he be a soc?

Yes, Darry would have been a Soc because he was too smart to be a greaser and Pony and Soda also the fact about the money.

5. What does Cherry mean when she says Bob "wasn't just anyone" on p.129?

Cherry means when she sayes "he wasnt just any boy" by she loved him and he was the kind of guy thatmade people follow, had somthing different about him that marked him different from the rest.

The Outsiders

Chapter 7

1. Explain what Pony means when he says Soda "reminds me of a colt" on p. 101.

Pony means by when he said Soda reminds me of a long-legged palomino colt by he has a free and wild being and he like to do what he wants. Also how he has his nose in everything.

2. What condition is Johnny in after the fire?

After the fire, Johnny had a broken back when the peice of timber fell on him. He was in severe shock and suffering from the third-degree burns.

3. Why would being crippled be worse for Johnny than someone else?

Johnny being crippled is worse than anyone else because if it wasnt for Johnny the gang wouldn't be able to stick together, Johnny had been the peice that held them all together. Johnny was that peice because he was like everyones family and after his parents have beeten him and he got jumped by the socs everyone felt like they had to take care of him.

4. "Maybe people are younger when they are asleep" (p.104). what do you think about this comment?

I think Pony thought that because they are more peaceful. I think Pony was right of what he sayed when he sayed everyone looks younger when they are asleep.

5. What is a juvenile delinquent (p. 107)? Find a definition on the internet, in a dictionary, or create your own based on your own knowledge.

A juvenile delinquent is a peron who is under the age limit to be arrested so they are put in a home or controlled by parental athority.

6. Why would Two-Bit think Johnny, Dally, and Pony were heroes all along; before they saved the kids?

Two-Bit thought Johnny, Dally, and Pony were heros because they were good people and did hwt they needed to and they saved thouse kids and they got in the paper or being juvenile delinquent then became heros. Two-Bit didn't need the newspaer to tell him they were heros though.

7. What was Bob's 'real' problem, according to Randy (p.116)?

According to Randy, Bob's real problem is that he never got punished and was never told, 'No' and thats all Bob ever wanted.Maybey bob would of still been alive if he was punished for his actions.

8. Why did Pony think it was better to see socs as "just guys" on p. 118? What do you think he means by this?

Pony thought it was better to see socs as just guys because it rough all over and they are humans too they make mistakes just like Ponys gang does.

The Outsiders

Chapter 6

bewildered: "But he stared at the dashboard with such hurt bewilderment that i could have bawled."
completely puzzled or confused

1. Do you think Dally's parents have influenced the way he is; his personality? Explain.

Yes I think that Dally's parents have had a huge impact on the way he is. I think this because when your parents don't care about you, it makes you feel unwanted. Then you do things to make them notice you. With Dally I think that his parents not wanting him he became the way he is so that he could get his parents to notice him. Also so that he could be accepted.

2. Why doesn't Dally want Johnny to turn himself in?

Dally dosn't want Johnny to turn himself in because for killing people you get the electric chair. Dally didnt want Johnny to die.

3. What "other side" of Dallas is revealed in this chapter?

The "other side" of Dally that is revealed in this chapter is his compassionate side. Everyone always thought he was just trouble, a hood, and only cared about himself. But with not wanting Johnny to turn himself in because he would probably get the electric chair it shows that he really cares for Johnny and Johnny is the only one he has ever been like that for.

4. What's your own definition of a hero? Do the three boys prove themselves to be heroes,
according to your definition? Explain.

My definition of a hero is not how strong you are, not how old you are, how many times you workout in a week. But it is in the person who will risk his life to do the right thing, who will always care for you, put you in front of him/her self. And in these three boys Dally, Johnny and Pony are what i call heros.

5. Why do you think Johnny wasn't scared, despite the obvious danger, on page 92?

I think Johnny wasnt scared because he knew that the kids were in trouble and they needed to get out and there were people all around who cared about the kids, like how johnnys parents never did.

The Outsiders

Chapter 5

reluctantly : "I put the book down reluctantly"
Unwilling; Disinclined

sullen : "I leaned back next to him sullenly."
persistently and silently ill-humored. indicative of gloomy ill humor

eluded: "but it eluded me."
To esnot understand the grasp of somthing.

imploringly: "I looked at Johnny imploringly."
in a beseeching manner.

gallant : "after i read the part about them riding into sure death because they were gallent"
brave, spirited, noble-minded.

indignant: "Johnny was so indignant he almost squeaked."
expressing strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, or insulting.

1. Why does Pony have a problem with Johnny's idea to disguise themselves?

Ponyboy has a problem with having to disguise themselfs beacuse it took a long time for Pony to grow his hair, he had one of the most tuff hair out of all the Greasers.

2. What does Pony mean when he says, "I was supposed to be the deep one" (p. 75)?

Ponyboy ment that when they were reading the book Gone in the Wind that Johnny could grasp the book and get more of what they were talking about more than Ponyboy. Ponyboy thought he was supposedto be one taht grasp the book more than Johnny because Pony weas considered the 'smart one' of the gang at time.

3. Why does Johnny think he is a hero (p. 76)? Do you think Dally is a hero based on what he did?

Johnny thinks Dally is a hero for getting pick up by the fuzz and going to gail for somthing Dally didnt do, it was Two-Bit. Yes, i do think Dally is a hero I also think he is loyal to his friends which are pretty much is family.

4. Why does Pony realize he doesn't like Dally? Can you explain what he means by this?

Pony relizes he dosnt like Dally because he dosnt have Soda's understanding or dash, Two-Bits humor, or Darry's superman qualities. He relized this because of the books Pony reads, all the heros are like Soda, Darry and Two-Bit.

5. Examine Robert Frost's poem, Nothing Gold can Stay. What do you think the poem is saying? How might this apply to the characters in the novel?

This Poem can apply to the characters by always stay true to yourself, never give up. the poem is saying that everyones times comes but until that time comes, stay true and love everone and everything, expecially yourself. Everything Gold can stay.

6. On page 78, Johnny compares Pony and his brothers to their parents. Which one of your parents are you most like? What similarities do you share?

I am most like my mom and dad, in different traits, and still som eof my own traits. My mom and i ahve the same nose and me and my dad have the same personality.

7. What does Pony mean when he says he drinks Pepsis like a friend (p.78)?

Pony means when he sayes he drinks pepsi like its his best friend like he drinks it alot and hes rairly seen without one. Just like a best friend.

8. What's a 'heater'? Why does Dally have one?

A heater is another word for a gun. Dally has one because just incase the fuzz is casing him they will be threaten, and he has one to scare people and get them to back off from him. But the heater is not loaded.

9. Why are the socs and the greasers going to fight in the vacant lot?

The Socs and the Greasers are going to fight in the vacent lot because they are going to have a skin rumble (and fight with only hands, no weapons.) If the Greasers win the Socs have to back off from there teritory and if the Socs win they dont have to back away and they can jump Greasers.

10. Who's the spy for the greasers? Does this surprise you? Why or why not?

The spy for the greasers is Cherry Valance. No, this dos not suprise me because Cherry and the Pony got along and they trusted eachother.

The Outsiders

Chapter 4:

ruefully: "He rubbed his side ruefully."
in a matter of showing sorrow or pity.

hermit: "So we'd have to be hermits for the rest of our lives, and never seen antone but Dally."
a person living in seclusion.

premonition: "What do you call it?Premonition? I flopped down on the floor-..."
a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over an event.

1. What does Pony mean when he says the socs were "reeling pickled" on page 54?

What Pony means by " the Socs were reeling pickled" is they looked drunk. WHich Scared Johnny and Pony.

2. What major event happens in this chapter?

The Major event that happens in this chapter is that Johnny Killed Bob, Cherrys boyfriend. They had come to the park to jump Johnny and Pony. One of the boys were drowning Ponyboy so Johnny stabed him, after that all the Socs left and so did Johnny and Pony.They knew the fuzz would be there soon. Pony and Johnny went to see Dally.The thought he would know where they could hid until it was safe. WHen it was Dally would come up and check on them.

3. How did the author foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife in Chapter 2?

The Author forshadowed that Johnny would use the knife in chapter 2 by telling us that since Johnny got jumped by the Socs in the Blue Mustang that he carryed a Knife where ever he went just incase they tryed to jump him again.

4. What would your advice be to Johhny and Ponyboy if they'd come to you for help instead of Dally? Explain.

If Johnny andPonyboy came to me not Dally i would tell them the same thing Dally would but I woudn't of told them to go to a church i would tell them to a ally and hid so that the fuzz couldnt find them if they checked there.

The Outsiders

Chapter 3:

aloof:"Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, carful not to let their real selves show through."
a will to try to be different in a unsympathetic manner.

Impersonally: "The Socs even fought coldly and practically and impersonally."
To act without a care about anyone else, without warmth.

Ornery: "Mickey Mouse was a dark-golden buckskin, sassy and ornery, not much more than a
colt." & ""I've got myself a onery pony,""
Mean-spirited, disagreeable

Resignedly: "
to resign with acceptance.

1. What does Cherry explain as the difference between the socs and the greasers?

Cherry explains as the difference between the Greasers and the Socs as the Gresers are more emotinal than the Socs , Socs are sophisticated and cool, cool to the point of not feeling anything. But the difference was only part of the Money, and the Gresers have a different set of values.

2. What does Ponyboy mean on p. 39 when he says "Johnny and I understood each other without saying anything"? Have you ever had a relationship with someone who you understood, or who understood you, without having to say anything?

Ponyboy ment by that Johnny and him can understand eachother without saying anything by they know when eachother are scared, happy, and if they both agree on somthing, puzzled, they just know. Yes i have can understand what my sister, Cassy is thinking without talking.

3. When and how did Pony's parents die?

Ponyboy's parents died eight months before all this happened. They died in a car wreck.

4. What happens when Pony comes home after his curfew?

When Ponyboy came home after his curfew Soda was on the couch sleeping while Darry was reading the paper on the chair. When he got in, Darry started yelling at him then Soda tried to tell Darry to go easy on him the Darry got mad and sayed" stop trying to stick up for him, he knows better." So Pony told darry not to yell at Soda and Darry Slapped him, no one has ever hit Ponyboy, Not even his Parents. It then became clear to Ponyboy that Darry Didnt want Ponyboy around, So ponyboy ranaway.

5. Why does Johnny like it better when his father is hitting him?

Johnny like it better with his old man hitting him because then his dad at least knows who Johnny is.

6. At the end of the chapter, how does the author foreshadow that bad things are to come?

At the end of the chapter the author forshadows that bad things will happen by when she/he writes, " Things gotta get better, i figured.They couldn't get any worse.I was wrong."

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The Outsiders

Chapter 2:

Incredulous: "she gave him an incredulous look."
showing unbelief in somthing.

vaguely: "I wondered about it vaguely"
to (think, understand, or express) in disbelief.

nonchalantly: ""Okay" I sayed nonchalantly."
not hidden, unconcerned way.

1. Who is the fuzz?

The fuzz is the Police

2. Are the names Ponyboy and Sodapop nicknames? Explain.

No, sodapop and ponyboy's names are not nicknames. But They seen to like the names.

3. Who are Cherry and Marcia?

Cherry and Marcia are two girls that Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally meet when the snuck into the drive-in. Dally was giving them a hard time, and Johnny told him to stop so the girl invited Johnny and Ponyboy to sit with them, to "protect them". They were Socs and they rairly talked to greasers like Sodapop and Ponyboy. Cherry Valance was a cheerleader at Ponyboys school. Cherrys real name was Sheri but people called her Cherry. Cherry and Marcia were at the Drive in with their boyfriends but they brought beer so they left.

4. Why doesn't Ponyboy like referring to Sodapop as a dropout?

Ponyboy didnt like to refure to his brother, Sodapop as a dropout because it sounded like some poor dumb-looking hoodlum wadering the streets breaking street lights.

5. What is Ponyboy comparing Two-Bit to when he calls him a "chessy cat" on page 27? What figure of speech is this besides a simile?

Ponyboy campared two-bit when he sayed "chessy cat" by how he was smiling and that he jsut sneeked up on him and Johnny like that at the drive in.

6. What is "a weed" slang for in 1967?

"A weed" is slag for a cigarette

7. Why does Dally look sick now (p. 33)?

Dally looked sick when he saw Johnny after the socs bet him up and cut him up with a a switchblade. Also, because Johnny was his friend and he didnt know why they did that to Johnny because he did nothing wrong.

8. What literary device does the author use to describe Johnny's mugging (pgs. 31-34)?

The literary device used is characterization because S.E. Hinton was explaining what Johnny had looked like and felt like. She was giving him a profile for that day and summing up what had happened.

She also used Context. She had explained when and where it had happened. What had happened and everything like that.

The Outsiders

Chapter One:

1. Describe each of the characters in this chapter and their relationship with one another.

Sodapop: Middle child, Blonde hair, 16-17 Years old, Dumb, Hot.
Darry: (Darrel) oldest child, smart, loving, hansome, girlfriend: Sandy, 6 foot 2.
Ponyboy: Smart(nose in a book), 14 years old, Parents Died, youngest brother and in gang, light brown / reddish hair.
Johnny: (Johnny Cade)Got beet up, younest next to Ponyboy, shy, parents were abusive.
Dally: (Dallas) likes to draw, hair ia whitish blonde, eyes are cold: blue/greyish, elfy face, high cheek bones, pinted nose, arrested at 10 years old, coller and leaner then the rest of the game.
Two-Bit-Mathews: (Keith Mathews) Part of gang, rusty colour side burns, oldest gang memeber, wisecracker, 6 foot tall, goes to school for the kiks
Steve Randle: Sodapops best friend, smart, cocky, tall, lean, thick hair.

2. Who are the Socs? Who are the Greasers?

Socs- richer than greasers, jump gresers, wreck houses, and throw beer blasts for fun, west-side rich kids, Public Discrace.

Greaser's- East-Side, pooper than socs, like a hood, steal things, drive souped up cars, have gang fights once and awhile.

3. How do Ponyboy's relationships with Darry and Sodapop differ? Explain

Ponyboys relationship with Darry and Sodapop differ because Sodapop has more fun with Ponyboy and includes him in activities that are going on in the gang and he trusts Ponyboy. While Darry is always on his back about everything he does and doesnt trust him and thinks he has to be a parent to him and he doesnt treat Ponyboy like he treats Sodapop.Even though Ponyboy knew that Darry cared about him and did everthing for a reason Ponyboy though Darry didnt love him as much as he loved Sodapop. Sodapop stood up for Ponyboy and didnt let anything happen to Ponyboy that he didnt like. Also because sodapop treated him like he was his age but Darry treated him like he was just a kid who played game and got in trroble and didnt think before he did things.

4. Why is the 'gang' important to Johnny?

The gang is so important to Johnny because his parents abuse him and he has no one to talk to and the gang is almost like his family. If Johnney ever had somthing on his mind he would tell the gang and he could trust them. They all would stick up for him and he was the one that kept the gamg together. Johnny got jump bad and evryone know that he's is a sensitive and shy no one fool around with Johnny.

5. How does Ponyboy react to what Sodapop tells him about Darry?

Ponyboy didnt believe what Sodapop was sayingabout Darry and how he means well and he knows Ponyboy is smart and he doesn't want him to do somthing stupid to take that away. Ponyboy knew that evertything Darry sayes is the truth.

6. Do you think Darry loves Ponyboy? Why does he treat Ponyboy the way he does?

I think Darry does love Ponyboy in his own way and different times. I beleieve that he doesnt want anything to happen to Ponyboy. I think that darry wants to make sure he dosnt end up like him and have a good life to throw it all away and Ponyboys knows that but he want to be treated his age not like a 2 year old.

7. What does Ponyboy mean on page 8 when he says, "I lie to myself all the time"? Do you ever lie to yourself? Why?

Pony mean by " i lie to myself all the time" by I alwaystell myself thing i know wont happen are things that arn't true but i still tell myself to believe it.